Harvos was a male Nelvaanian scout from Rokrul village on Nelvaan who was mutated by the Techno Union during the Clone Wars.


Battle of Nelvaan2

Mutant Harvos with Anakin Skywalker.

A warrior of the Rokrul village, he was captured by the scientists of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and taken to a secret laboratory in the Nelvaan wilderness. His body riddled with experimental technology, his fit body was mutated. During his mutation, Anakin Skywalker arrived. The Techno Union scientists released the other mutated Nelvaanians, and Anakin had no choice but to fight. Harvos could not just look on and watch, and he broke out of the mutation cell. Harvos showed Anakin that they needed to remove the cyborg bands around the Nelvaanian's chests. Harvos reminded the other male warrior Nelvaanians about their heritage, and urged them to attack the Techno Union scientists, not Skywalker, who was sent to help them. Although at first feared by his fellow villagers, he and the others were eventually welcomed back into the village.

Behind the scenesEdit

Harvos was voiced by Richard McGonagle.[source?]