Hasbro is a toy company that purchased the Kenner company in the early 1990s. It currently holds the master license from Lucasfilm Ltd. to produce all Star Wars-branded toys. Hasbro manufactures action figures and a number of other Star Wars-branded toys, including Galactic Heroes, Star Wars Transformers, and the Titanium Series.

Basic action figure lineEdit

Hasbro's most popular offering for the Star Wars brand is their line of 3¾-inch 'basic' action figures. The 3¾-inch size refers to the height representation of an average adult male human character portrayed, and corresponds to a scale ratio of 1:18. Characters are scaled to the standard, so that smaller characters such as Jedi Master Yoda, or an Astromech droid, and taller characters like Darth Vader and Chewbacca are rendered at appropriate height. As with the original 'vintage' Kenner figures of the 1970s and 80s, Hasbro has had major success with the basic line and has, in nearly two decades of continuous production, released over fifteen different packaging series, four distinct figure generations, and well over two thousand character and character variants from the Star Wars saga in figure form.


Action Collection 12-inch figure lineEdit

Star Wars action figures in the 12-inch, or 'one sixth' scale (1:6), were released from 1995 to 2005. A variety of figures were released over the course of this line, including larger beast characters and smaller 'in scale' characters, like R2-D2 and Yoda. Multipacks were released as retail exclusives. Like the 3¾" scale playsets, the 12" figures were created by a different division within Hasbro from the regular basic (3¾") line, leading to some disparity between the quality and execution of each line. Whereas the basic figure line kept pace or often set the trends for similar products of that scale, the 12" figures lagged behind the sculpting, articulation, painting, and fabric advancements made by competing lines of the same scale, even within Hasbro itself.

As collector interest for the caliber of figure being made by Hasbro waned, the company ceased larger-sized action figure production, and sub-license for a 'sixth scale' (12") line of high end collector action figures was provided to Sideshow Collectibles, whose direct marketing, limited production runs, premium packaging, quality execution and higher price points are in stark contrast to the approach of their predecessor.

Other toy linesEdit

Asajj Unleashed

Packaging art for the Asajj Ventress Unleashed figure

  • Star Wars Unleashed (2002– ): A set of 7-inch plastic statues of Star Wars characters in action-oriented poses first released by Hasbro in 2002. In 2006, Star Wars Unleashed Battle Packs, containing 2-inch versions of the 7-inch statues, were released. Each pack contained four figures in different poses from six of the seven Star Wars movies. The battle packs have mostly replaced the 7-inch line.
  • Galactic Heroes (2004– ): A collection of 2-inch figures created for young children and collectors. The characters are new expressions of Star Wars characters, from all seven Star Wars films.
  • Titanium Series (2005– ): A collection of die-cast Star Wars vehicles. Most are small, but several vehicles were released in a larger scale. Also included in this collection is a set of 3.75-inch die-cast action figures with limited articulation.
  • Star Wars Transformers (2006–2012): These toys are based on Hasbro's Transformers brand. However, the Star Wars Transformers are based on characters and vehicles from the Star Wars films. From 2008 to 2011, the line was branded as Transformers: Crossovers with the inclusion of figures based off Marvel Comics characters.
  • Jedi Force (2004-2005): A set of action figures designed for young children. Unlike Galactic Heroes, Jedi Force figures were around 6-inches tall.
  • Force Battlers (2005–2006): A set of large action figures, based on characters from the Star Wars films. The main point of these figures were their action-features.
  • Star Wars Mpire (2005): A set of figurines released only in 2005. They were M&M candies dressed as Star Wars characters.
  • Star Wars Mighty Muggs (2008– ): "Urban Vinyl Dolls" featuring Star Wars characters in a stylized format. Each figure utilizes the same simple mold, with character details painted on. Most figures are packed with an accessory and stand six inches tall.


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