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Lord Hasper was a Human male Sith Lord and Overseer of the Sith Empire who was stationed at Taral V during the Cold War as part Imperial Base defense. The Sith Lord's life would come to an abrupt end when a Republic Strike team attacked the planet under orders from Jedi Master Oteg with the goal of stealing a Gree computer used to navigate the Maelstrom. The strike team defeated Hasper right outside the entrance to the main base where they would go on to capture their prize.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a Sith Lord, Hasper was proficient in the use of the lightsaber. Further on he held strong powers over the Dark side of the Force and could use powerful abilities such as Force lightning and when at times would use the devastation power Force storm.

Behind the scenesEdit

Lord Hasper is one of the bosses that players of Star Wars: The Old Republic can face of against in the flashpoint Taral V. Hasper is an optional bonus boss that can be faced after the players have completed two previous objectives.


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