"Yousa Gungans no wanna deal with them Imperials no more? Yousa tinken them Naboo Gungans actuh like helpless nuna? Isa say we take Rori. Meesa camp isa located at -2060 3300. If yousa tinken Gungans need to be more war like, yousa come see me and bring weapons. If yousa thinken wesa Gungans should be saddled like kaadu, then yousa come see meesa so Isa can spit on you. Ptuh!"
―Message from Captain Hassk in the Gungan Swamps of Rori.[src]

Captain Hassk was a Gungan extremist who had a strong distaste for the Galactic Empire and those who gave in to the wishes of the Naboo.


In order to strike out against the Empire, Hassk sought refuge in a camp on the moon of Rori, known as the Gungan Swamptown. It was from here that he welcomed fellow Gungans to seek refuge from the oppression of Imperials. He would later strike from the moon against the forces controlling the Naboo system in an attempt to free Naboo and Rori.


Captain Hassk was a Gungan who wasn't afraid to speak his mind. He believed that the Gungans of Naboo were weak and too afraid to stand up for their own rights.

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Hassk was added to Star Wars Galaxies with the game's first big update on August 13, 2003.[1]

The biography of Captain Hassk was expanded upon in a short article titled "Captain Hassk's Rori Gungan Swamptown."



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