The Hast Shipyards were a major New Republic shipyard and repair center at the planet Hast which specialized in repairing damaged warships for combat duty. The yards were maintained as a secret yard for high profile projects.


The Hast Shipyards were the location chosen for a major refit and repair for the New Republic Imperial-class Star Destroyers Emancipator and Liberator. Unfortunately, the location of the shipyards was discovered by Imperial agents. Shortly after their discovery the yards were attacked by a large Imperial fleet. The damage they inflicted was severe- besides heavy damage to the pair of Star Destroyers, twenty corvettes, five frigates, and seven MC80 Star Cruisers were put out of commission. This attack delayed plans for a major New Republic offensive, as well as forcing the new government to divert resources to repairing the numerous damaged ships instead of constructing new ones.

The yards were eventually repaired, serving as one of the locations to build the MC90 Star Cruiser. This made the yards unique, due to the fact that besides the main yards at Mon Calamari the only other location capable of constructing the new cruisers was Sluis Van.


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