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Haven was the capital city of Iol, a planet in the Unknown Regions that was controlled by the company Tangan Industries. Iol was oldest and largest settlement on Iol, and it consisted of five large, separate domes that were each at least 1 kilometer in diameter. Each dome served a particular function within the city, with one containing Haven's government institutions and another containing the city's financial institutions, and each dome had a residential section that housed workers that were employed within that particular dome. The domes were all connected to one another via a series of tubes, which allowed for easy travel throughout the city.. Haven was also linked to the settlements Menelath and Shirkel, via two repulsortrain tunnels.

The city was ran by an administrator, who was selected by Tangan Industries. Around the time of the Clone Wars, the Near-Human Elexia Nis'tar was appointed as Haven's administrator and while Tangan had hoped that she would act as a figurehead that they could manipulate, she distinguished herself by prioritizing the needs of Haven's inhabitants over those of the company. Nis'tar continued to act as the city's administrator until the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War.