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"99, get out of here! This is no place for you!"
―Havoc's last words[src]

"Havoc" was the nickname of an ARC trooper who served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars as a member of Rancor Battalion. He served as part of the Galactic Republic's military leadership during the Battle of Kamino, which cost him his life.


During the Clone Wars, Havoc was a ARC trooper of Commander Colt's Rancor Battalion. He, along with Colt, returned to Kamino where they observed the progress of the Clone cadet's squads Bravo and Domino. He then saw the cadets shipped off after graduated.[3]

Battle of KaminoEdit


Havoc assigning Echo and Fives as sharpshooters on Kamino

Havoc and Commander Colt continued to serve on Kamino. When the Separatist leader, General Grievous and assassin Asajj Ventress launched their surprise attack on Kamino, Havoc assigned troopers Fives and Echo as snipers. He and other clone troopers then fought off the Trident-class assault ships and the Aqua droids. During the firefight, he told 99 to keep away, saying it was not his place. While 99 was running Havoc was shot twice by aqua droids, and killed. Despite his death, the clone troopers were able to fight the separatists off Kamino.[2]

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