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Hawk-bat Base was the operation center for Wraith Squadron's pirate activities while they posed as the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force, or Hawk-bats for short, around 7.5 ABY. In the fight against Warlord Zsinj, Wraith Squadron had discovered that Zsinj was recruiting pirates to his operations. The Wraiths decided to set up a false pirate operation near the planet Halmad, and chose the abandoned mining asteroid A3.[1]

Hawk-bat Base was finally abandoned when Zsinj took over Halmad, almost causing a disaster for the Wraiths in the process. Zsinj offered the "Hawk-Bats" a proposition, to work for him. Since the Hawk-bats had only five TIE/IN interceptors, the rest of the Wraiths went off to Mon Remonda, the flagship of General Han Solo. Face Loran (General Kargin), Dia Passik (Captain Seku), Wedge Antilles (Lieutenant Kettch), Kell Tainer (Lieutenant Dissek), and Piggy saBinring (Morrt) piloted the Interceptors, since Shalla Nelprin-a.k.a Qatya Nassin of the Hawk-bats, was part of the Zsinj force attacking Razor's Kiss. In the subsequent battle, Razor's Kiss was destroyed, and Wraith Squadron abandoned the base.

Later, Lara Notsil came to Hawk-bat Base, after having been revealed as Gara Petothel. She left her Rebel uniform there and continued on to her rendezvous point with the Iron Fist.[2]


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