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Iron Fist

The Hawk-bats, on a mission to Halmad to steal their ships

"We'll be founding our own pirate band, Wraiths, and then assaulting a planetary system that Zsinj is courting—or should be, if he isn't."
Wedge Antilles, to Wraith Squadron[src]

The Hawk-bat Independent Space Force, better known simply as the Hawk-bats, were a covert front maintained by Wraith Squadron during their campaign against rogue Imperial Warlord Zsinj.

As the Hawk-bats, the Wraiths operated out of the abandoned asteroid mine A3 in the Halmad system, and used the Xiytiar-class transport Sungrass to transport their stolen TIE/LN starfighters and TIE/IN interceptors. The Hawk-bats committed several successful acts of piracy in and around the Halmad system, before getting the attention of Zsinj. The Hawk-bats then successfully infiltrated Zsinj's organization, joining in the warlord's attack on the Kuat Drive Yards. They managed to help destroy Razor's Kiss and gathered a significant amount of useful information about the warlord.


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