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"Analysis of the vocal characteristics of your pilot, Hawk-bat One, suggests that he was probably, though not definitely, an Ewok. But I don't understand how that could be possible."
Warlord Zsinj to Garik Loran.[src]

Hawk-bat One was a title and call sign used by Wedge Antilles when Wraith Squadron was masquerading as a pirate group called the Hawk-bat Independent Space Force.

In order to hide their true identities, the Wraiths had their comm systems modified to alter the sound of their voice transmissions. As a prank, Wedge's comm system was altered to sound like an Ewok. Warlord Zsinj's forces obtained records of the Wraith's transmissions and informed the Warlord. Zsinj then questioned General KarginGarik Loran in disguise—when he was invited to the Iron Fist for negotiations.


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