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"Haven't you got any letters after your name?"
"Nerfs can't read. Why bother?"
Boba Fett and Hayca Mekket, discussing the durasteel nameplate on her office's door[src]

The Mandalorian veterinarian Hayca Mekket owned an office in Keldabe, Mandalore's capital city, where she practiced medicine. Though she most commonly treated nerfs, Mekket's surgery was stocked with equipment for treating other animals such as banthas, and even could be utilized for Humans if the need arose. However, the facility did not house technology for blood or cellular analysis, and Mekket contracted such services to a laboratory on the nearby world of Concord Dawn. The door to Mekket's two-story building was adorned with a durasteel plate that displayed her name; when asked why the name plate didn't also display the letters denoting her doctorate, Mekket commented that to do so would be pointless as nerfs were unable to read. Mekket lived together with a man above her surgery on the building's second floor, and her office didn't open for business until a time after mid-morning, though she would make exceptions on occasion.[1]

In the year 40 ABY, the reigning Mand'alor Boba Fett visited Mekket's offices after the veterinarian assisted him in halting a degenerative condition that threatened to kill the aging bounty hunter. There, Mekket informed Fett that he was fully cured, and delivered the bill for her medical services in the form of a request for a large, red quilt.[1]

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The veterinary offices of Hayca Mekket were first introduced to the Star Wars universe in the Legacy of the Force novel, Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice, written by author Karen Traviss and published May 29, 2007.[1]


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