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A hazmat suit, also known as a bio-hazard suit, was a type of protective clothing meant to shield the wearer from various biological hazards. Padmé Amidala and Jar Jar Binks wore hazmat suits during the hunt for Nuvo Vindi's secret laboratory on Naboo.

A different type of hazmat suit was introduced in an all-orange color with a darkened face mask by the newly-formed Galactic Empire on Cynda, Gorse and Calcoraan Depot. When hearing about the mining of thorilide at the depot, commandeered by Denetrius Vidian, Lal Grallik snuck some of the hazmat inventory away from Gorse and hid them in a freighter called Expedient, thinking they were meant to be thrown away. Later, Kanan Jarrus found them hidden in a compartment inside the freighter, and Hera Syndulla, Skelly and Zaluna Myder were given these suits to wear as a way of sneaking around the complex to find important information and blowing it up.[1]



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