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Hazram Namir was a human male soldier who served as a sergeant in the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He was part of the Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, commonly known as Twilight Company.


Early lifeEdit

Hazram Namir grew up on the planet Crucival, a desolate planet constantly wracked by war between various competing factions. Though he first started as a member of the armies of the warlord Malkhan as Donin, after Malkhan's death he drifted to Opaline Creed as Umu Seven and when they failed he drifted from faction to faction (including the Lady of Coins) depending on who was winning, and his name changed along with them, until one day he and those that followed him were contracted by the Galactic Empire to defend the base that they had set up on the planet from an incoming attack by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The battle was a disaster as the imperials abandoned them and hid under their sheild. Namir was one of the few natives to survive, failing to defend the base after two days of fighting. After the battle ended, with nowhere else to go and with no one left on Crucival to fight for, Namir signed on with the Rebel Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, otherwise known as Twilight Company.[1]

Twilight CompanyEdit

Unlike most of the others in the Rebel Alliance, Namir was cynical and uncaring of the organization's goals. He viewed the entire war as a simple power grab against the Emperor by those politicians that had been too slow to take it themselves, not knowing of the Proclamation of the New Order and the Jedi Purge that were the fault of Emperor Sheev Palpatine. Despite this attitude he was a skilled fighter, serving in many battles against the Empire during the Advancement into the Mid Rim on planets such as Phorsa Gedd and Bamayar. When the alliances forces were overstretched, the advancement stopped and the Mid Rim Retreat began. He and Twilight Company helped evacuate bases and rescue rebel heroes and generals.[1]

Governor Chalis joinsEdit

After nine months, the sixty-first was on Haidoral Prime where they defeated the imperial forces in the capital of Haidoral Administrative Center One. As they began recruiting Haidoral citizens they recieved a message from an imperial in the Governor's mansion and Namir (now first Sergeant) and his squad, including Charmer, Gadren and Brand. They got into the mansion and killed all the main officers leaving the defector who happened to be the Governor Everi Chalis. They took her back to Twilight Company's Headquarters the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike where she offered their Captain Micha Evon help to the alliance on the inner workings of the imperial war machine. They tested her knowledge in the Coyerti campaign where she gave them intelligence on a distillery. After destroying an imperial camp and submerging an AT ST in a swamp. Namir and his squad, now including Haidoral recruit Roach who Namir had gotten close to, destroyed the distillery and waited for the troop transport to pick them up before the chemicals could kill them.[1]

Chalis's information had proved valuable but she also proved to be a burden when Twilight Company was attacked first at the edge of the Metatessu sector by an imperial destroyer, then in the Enrivi system by a Light cruiser and a TIE Fighter Squadron and finally in the Chonsetta system by a dozen TIE Interceptors. Twilight Company had escaped with minor damages, thanks to the Thunderstrikes escort the Braha'tok-class gunship Apailana's Promise and it's two X-wing starfighters, but the damages to the Hyperdrive meant they were leaving a trail for the empire to follow. Chalis conjured a plan to launch a Raid on an Imperial heavy freighter to get the necessary supplies for repairs. Twilight Company agreed and raided one in the Redhurne system. The attack was a success despite the loss of two sergeants, Maximian Ajax and Fektrin, and six others, including Cappandar. Twilight Company could repair the Thunderstrike.[1]

Visiting Echo BaseEdit

The Alliance High Command invited Chalis and Captain Evon to Echo Base for a strategy conference. Evon chose Namir and two other soldiers, Roja and Beak to join them and they travelled to the Base on Hoth. Meanwhile, the rest of Twilight Company would rendezvous to a rebel flotilla in the Elochar sector to finish repairs. Chalis, Evon, Namir and the other two arrived at Echo Base and were greeted by General Philap Bygar. Whilst the conference went on, Namir and the duo did work around the base with the Alliance Special Forces personnel. Namir got talking with one called Kryndal about the ethics of the alliance and enforced his negative belief on the alliances future. Kryndal then swung at Namir and a fight broke out. Namir was punished and was put on lifting duty for freighters. There he met a freighter captain who agreed with Namir's beliefs and they discussed it over a few drinks. Once his punishment was over, Namir went back to the others but they didn't have enough time to socialise before the empire found Echo Base and the Battle of Hoth broke out.[1]

Namir, Roja and Beak were stationed at Perimeter Outpost Delta where they defended it from incoming Blizzard Force soldiers and attack transports until the outpost was defenceless. They then retreated back to the main base where Chalis was stranded with the unconscious Captain Evon. They attempted to escape together when Darth Vader came and slaughtered Evon, Roja and Beak. Namir and Chalis then fled the system using Chalis's clearance codes. Meanwhile, the rest of Twilight Company was still with the flotilla and got infiltrated by imperial spies posing as the surviving crew of the damaged Light freighter Trumpet's Call they then slaughtered the officers and most of the bridge crew before being killed by Brand and Gadren. The rest of the flotilla had retreated after receiving a distress call from Lieutenant Sairgon and Twilight Company then fled to Ankhural when they had control again. Namir met them there.[1]

Operation RingbreakerEdit

Twilight Company had no officers left except for Commander Tohna and first Officer Sharn of the Apailana's Promise. Being the most high ranking on the Thunderstrike, Namir took charge and the soldiers soon started calling him captain. The Alliance Fleet was scattered and they had no orders so Chalis planned an attack on the Kuat Drive Yards. It would require a prelude of attacks on imperial installations to lure ships away and it would cost Twilight Company a lot of resources but they could theoretically do it. They called it Operation Ringbreaker and began their attacks. From the warehouse world of Mardona III to the Dockyards of Najan-Rovi, Namir had Twilight Company tear through the installations and head straight for Kuat. That changed however when they took the factory of Inyusu Tor on Sullust. The Thunderstrike was ambushed by a swarm of TIE Fighters and was shot down. The Apailana's Promise and it's X-wings fled the system. Twilight Company was stranded.[1]

Stranded on SullustEdit

Namir was struggling to know how they could get out of this situation. The Imperial Star Destroyer Herald was on the way and the ground forces were preparing to attack. Namir was aware of a small Sullustan resistance force in the nearby capital city of Pinyumb. Namir, his squad and Twitch and her squad went to the city to find them. They were attacked when searching and Twitches squad was killed. Twitch then abandoned Namir and he was captured by a stormtrooper. His squad fled back to the rest of Twilight Company and Namir was saved by sullustan resistance fighter Nien Nunb who took him to the Sullustan resistance safe house. The resistance however was very small consisting of several people and Nien Nunb. They could not help Namir and he went back to Twilight Company to think of another plan.[1]

The Herald arrived and the imperial forces advanced. Namir had defensive lines set up and Twilight Company held against the ground forces. Up in the air, the Herald found itself under attack by the Apailana's Promise and it's X-wings and was distracted from the ground attack. The ground forces were slowly pushed back and Chalis ran off to steal a Shuttle and fly up to the Herald. Chalis docked there and was greeted by Prelate Verge and Captain Tabor Seitaron. She then set off an Ion bomb inside the shuttle and Verge was killed. Tabor ordered the star destroyer to retreat and Chalis escaped. Meanwhile, the ground forces were losing as Namir had used the lava vents to trap them. They were eventually defeated. Resistance broke out on Sullust and Pinyumb was taken. Namir and Twilight Company had taken sullust. They had lost over a third of their troops and the Apailana's Promise was drained and overheated from the battle. But Namir had saved Twilight Company and they could live on.[1]

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