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Hazram Namir was a human male soldier from the planet Crucival who served as First Sergeant in the Alliance to Restore the Republic's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry during the Galactic Civil War.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Drifting through factionsEdit

Hazram Namir grew up on the planet Crucival, a desolate planet constantly wrecked by war between various competing factions. Though he first started as a member of the armies of the warlord Malkhan as Donin. After Malkhan's death, the man's Lieutenants made claims to his cache of weapons and infighting broke out. Namir then drifted to Opaline Creed as Umu Seven and during his time there, he recruited a girl called Pira who he became close to. Around that time he also bumped into his father, an ex-soldier who had fought Clone troopers in the Clone Wars. Namir's father wanted him to leave the creed and live with him, but out of greed, Namir refused. When the creed failed, Namir drifted from faction to faction (including the Lady of Coins) depending on who was winning, and his name changed along with them. He also recruited more like Pira, such as Tar and Mishru.[1]

The Battle of the TowerEdit

One day he and those that followed him were contracted by the Galactic Empire to defend the base that they had set up on the planet from an incoming attack by the Alliance to Restore the Republic. The battle was a disaster as the imperials abandoned them and hid under their sheild. Namir was one of the few natives to survive, failing to defend the base in the two days of fighting. He found Pira during the battle and sat with her before she too die of her injuries. After the battle ended, Namir found the rebels who had destroyed the Imperial forces and joined the line weaving towards their ship. When he got to the front he realised that it was a recruitment. With nowhere else to go and with no one left on Crucival to fight for, Namir signed on with the Rebel Alliance's Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, otherwise known as Twilight Company.[1]

Twilight CompanyEdit

Rising through the ranksEdit

"Everyone needs to meet Howl sometime"
Sergeant Fektrin giving Namir the battle report to give to Captain Howl, Howl[src]

Two months after Namir joined, news went around about the Destruction of Alderaan. Namir was still new to the wider galaxy and asked his friend, a Corellian Besalisk named Gadren, many questions about the Empire. During the Battle of Yavin, Twilight Company was fighting in the honey fields of Vir Aphshire. There he was given the job of sending the report to Captain Micha Evon—Howl when beyond Evon's earshot— by Sergeant Fektrin. Namir was a skilled fighter, serving in many battles against the Empire during the Advancement into the Mid Rim on planets such as Phorsa Gedd and Bamayar. When the alliances forces were overstretched, the advancement was halted and the Mid Rim Retreat began. He and Twilight Company helped evacuate bases and rescue rebel heroes and Generals.[1]

Attack on Haidoral PrimeEdit

After nine months of retreating, the sixty-first was on Haidoral Prime where they defeated the Imperial forces in the capital of Haidoral Administrative Center One, named Glitter by the locals. As they began recruiting Haidoral citizens they received a message from an Imperial in the Governor's mansion, via a Mouse Droid, wanting to defect. Namir was now First Sergeant and he took his squad, Charmer, Gadren and Brand, to find this Imperial. They got into the mansion and broke into the main control room where they killed all the main officers leaving the defector, Governor Everi Chalis. They took her back to Twilight Company's Headquarters the CR90 corvette Thunderstrike where she offered Howl knowledge on the inner workings of the Imperial war machine.[1]

Coyerti CampaignEdit

Evon decided to test Chalis's knowledge in the Coyerti campaign where she gave them intelligence on a distillery. Namir's first task involved storming an Imperial camp. Namir's squad, including a new recruit named Roach who replaced Charmer, teamed with Sergeant Zab's squad to throw the Imperial forces into chaos. The plan was successful and the camp was destroyed. The second mission for Namir's squad was to take out an AT ST. Their first tactic to take it out was unsuccessful a change of plan managed to submerge the walker in a swamp. Later into the campaign, Namir and his squad were ordered to destroy the distillery Chalis mentioned. They infiltrated the lightly defended place and detonated certain barrels destroying the place. However, the chemicals spread from the explosion and Namir and his squad fell ill. They had to call for a dropship to pick them up before it could kill them and whilst they waited, Brand talked to Roach.[1]

Under attackEdit

Chalis's information had proved valuable earning her more trust from the officers of Twilight Company. But she also proved to be a burden when Twilight Company was attacked at the edge of the Metatessu sector by an imperial destroyer. They escaped under the cover of the Thunderstrike's escort, the Dornean gunship Apailana's Promise. Thirty hours later, the two ships were ambushed in the Enrivi system by a Light cruiser and a TIE Fighter Squadron. THe two ships decimated the force and moved on again. Nineteen ours later, they were attacked in the Chonsetta system by a dozen TIE Interceptors. Twilight Company had escaped with minor damages but the Thunderstrike's Hyperdrive was leaving a trail of Hypermatter for the empire to follow.[1]

Gathering SuppliesEdit

Chalis conjured a plan to launch a Raid on an Imperial heavy freighter to get the necessary supplies for repairs. Twilight Company agreed and attacked a freighter in the Redhurne system. The attack began with boarding the freighter through Boarding pods. They then started clearing the ship of stormtroopers whilst Sergeant Fektrin led a trio of engineers. Fektrin died in the fighting along with one of his soldiers, Cappandar. Namir's squad went in to assist the squad led by Sergeant Maximian Ajax but lost Ajax in the crossfire. The mission was a success and despite the loss of eight Twilight members, Twilight Company could repair the Thunderstrike.[1]

At Echo BaseEdit

The Alliance High Command invited Chalis and Captain Howl to Echo Base for a strategy conference. Evon chose Namir and two other soldiers, Roja and Beak to join them and they travelled to the Base on Hoth. In their absence, the rest of Twilight Company would rendezvous to a rebel flotilla in the Elochar sector to finish repairs to the Thunderstrike. Chalis, Howl, Namir and the other two arrived at Echo Base and were greeted by General Philap Bygar, who understood the dangers the High Command had put Twilight Company through. Whilst the conference went on, Namir, Roja and Beak did work around the base with the Alliance Special Forces personnel.[1]

Namir got talking with a special forces soldier called Kryndal who recommended the training for Namir. Namir rejected the offer. Namir wasn't so optimistic about how much Kryndal's passion went for the Alliance and when challenging Kryndal about the ethics of the Galactic Civil War, the man swung at Namir and a fight broke out. Namir was punished for it put on lifting duty for freighters. There he met captain Han Solo, a notorious smuggler and captain in the Alliance. The man was making repairs to his freighter, the Millennium Falcon and Namir was carrying a bin of mechanical parts for the Millennium Falcon. When finished with the repairs—or given up—he brought out a bottle of Corellian whiskey and the two had a discussion about their joint view on the war. Once his punishment was over, found Roja and Beak and they talked about how stuck up the Special Forces personnel were. Howl and Chalis then returned with news of their imminent departure. However they didn't have time to leave before the Empire discovered and attacked Echo Base.[1]

Battle of HothEdit

Namir, Roja and Beak were assigned to Perimeter Outpost Delta where they defended it from incoming Blizzard Force soldiers and attack transports until the outpost was rendered defenceless. They then retreated back to the main base where Chalis was stranded with the unconscious Captain Howl. Namir went off to scout the area for a hanger and found bodies including one of Kryndal's friends and who he thought might have been Kryndal himself. When Namir returned to the others they attempted to get to the hanger together when Darth Vader and a Cold assault stormtrooper squad arrived. The group fired at Vader who leaped at Beak and bisected him. Roja then threw a grenade at the Sith Lord which was deflected and knocked out Namir in the impact. When Namir awoke, Howl and Roja were dead and Chalis was swept aside by Vader. Namir and Chalis then fled the system on a shuttle using Chalis's clearance codes.[1]

Meanwhile, the rest of Twilight Company was still with the flotilla and got infiltrated by Imperial spies posing as the surviving crew of the damaged light freighter Trumpet's Call. The spies stormed the bridge and slaughtered the officers before being killed by Brand and Gadren. The rest of the flotilla managed to get away after receiving a distress call from Lieutenant Sairgon before his demise. Twilight Company then fled to Ankhural when they had control of the Thunderstrike again. Namir and Chalis found them there using a list of locations Namir had gotten from Brand a while back.[1]

Operation RingbreakerEdit

Twilight Company had no officers left, excluding the officers of the Apailana's Promise. Being the most high ranking on the Thunderstrike, Namir took charge and the soldiers soon started calling him captain. The Alliance Fleet was scattered with no orders from the High Command, Chalis decided to take advantage of an opening the Empire had left behind when chasing the rebels into the Outer Rim. Chalis planned an attack on the Kuat Drive Yards. It would require a prelude of attacks on Imperial installations to lure ships away and cost Twilight Company a lot of resources, but theoretically they could pull it off. Chalis called it Operation Ringbreaker and soon began their attacks.[1]

First was the warehouse world of Mardona III where Twilight Company weaved through the underground labrinths planting explosives on tram tracks and other weak spots to the system. During the battle, Charmer and his squad were ambushed by an armoured worm vehical which left only Corbo alive. After questioning the Corbo about the vehicle, Namir led a team to ambush to avenge Charmer and his two unlucky squad members and caught the worm vehicle as the crew was disembarking. The worm vehicle was destroyed that day and it's crew were brutally killed with it. The second attack saw the destruction of the Imperial garrison on Obumubo. After that the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise decimated poorly defended Dockyards of Najan-Rovi.[1]

But those victories would be easy compared to their Attack on Nakadia. There, they lost over a dozen Twilight Soldiers to biological weaponry. Namir soon realised the biological weapons came from Coyerti and was very angry at Chalis for not predicting the distillery's re-establishment. Despite the heavy losses, Twilight Company came victorious over the factory there and Twilight Company teared through the Installations on Naator and Xagobah soon after. After sabotaging mining equipment in the Kuliquo belt, Twilight Company had only Sullust and Malastare to go before reaching Kuat.[1]

Stranded on SullustEdit

The course of the campaign changed when Twilight Company took the factory of Inyusu Tor on Sullust. The Thunderstrike was ambushed by a squadron of TIE Fighters when attempting to pick them up and was shot down. The Apailana's Promise and it's X-wings managed to flee the system intact. This left Twilight Company stranded.[1]

Namir was struggling to know how they could get out of this situation. The Imperial-class Star Destroyer Herald was on the way and the local ground forces were preparing to attack. However, Namir was aware of a small Sullustan resistance force in the nearby capital city of Pinyumb. So Namir, his squad and Twitch's squad went to the city to find them. They found an abandoned safehouse where they were ambushed by stormtroopers who were searching the place. Twitch's squad was killed off quickly and Twitch abandoned Namir. Namir was then intercepted and captured by a stormtrooper. The rest of Namir's squad fled the city and went back to the rest of Twilight Company. Luckily Namir was quickly rescued by Sullustan resistance leader, Nien Nunb, who took him to the Sullustan resistance safe house. There, Namir met with the rest of the Sullustan resistance.[1]

The Sullustan resistance consisted of three humans and Nien Nunb and could not help Namir very much. Despite that, Namir thought of a plan to take Pinyumb and have Twilight Company make a stand. In was a long shot and would involve trying to rally the scared members of the Cobalt Laborers' Reformation Front, Namir went back to Twilight Company to get the soldiers ready for a defence. But by then, Chalis had taken control and was running an operation to take the Pinyumb spaceport and give Twilight Company a fleet of merchant ships to escape on. Though Namir thought highly of this idea, he could not just abandon the Sullustans he promised to help. He had Gadren take Chalis away and Twilight Company set up defensive lines to make a stand at the factory.[1]

The Siege of Inyusu TorEdit

The Star Destroyer Herald arrived and the Imperial forces advanced on the factory. The defensive lines set up and held against the ground forces for a certain amount of time but had to draw back to reduce the stress from advancing Imperial forces and the Herald which was shooting at scout and sniper positions. Soon enough the Herald soon found itself under attack by the Apailana's Promise and it's X-wings became distracted from the ground attack. The Imperial ground forces slowly pushed foward eventually being cut off by lava flow forge by Twilight engineers. Chalis escaped ran off on a speeder where she stole a Shuttle and flew up to the Herald. Chalis docked there and was greeted by Prelate Verge and Captain Tabor Seitaron. She then set off around twenty Ion bombs inside the shuttle, crippling the Herald's power. Chalis fought Verge and Tabor shot at them, killing Verge.[1]

Tabor then ordered the Herald to retreat and Chalis escaped. Meanwhile, the ground forces reached the factory where their numbers dwindled until they were eventually defeated. The Sullustan resistance and Cobalt Ladborers managed to take Pinyumb in the meantime. This sparked further resistance on Sullust and the planet was taken. Namir and Twilight Company had taken sullust. They had lost over a third of their troops and the Apailana's Promise was drained and overheated from the battle. But Twilight Company was saved. Namir intended for them to vacate Sullust within two weeks to make them less of an Imperial target.[1]

Personality and TraitsEdit

"How do you think you ended up in this mess in the first place? After you won the Clone Wars, the Emperor snatched up power, other leaders missed their chance and started a rebellion. Victory always brings infighting."
―Hazram Namir expressing his point of view of the War to Kryndal and his two friends[src]

Hazram Namir was very pessimistic about the Galactic Civil War. Throughout his life on Crucival, he had seen factions come out victorious and be overthrown by others who sought their power. Namir thought the same thing about the Alliance to Restore the Republic and his belief got him into a fight with a very passionate Alliance Special Forces soldier named Kryndal. During his time at Echo Base Namir met Han Solo, who somewhat agreed with his views. However even Solo thought Namir was quite cynical about some aspects of the war.[1]

"The Thunderstrike is short on supplies. So we send a few squads down to that settlement, grab all the food and equipment we can get. Don't think we'll see resistance"
―Namir recommending pillaging the nearby settlement of it's supplies on Vir Aphshire[src]

Namir joined the rebellion to get back at the empire for killing his friends on Crucival and his main motivation for fighting was for his friends. When first meeting Howl, he recommended pillaging a nearby settlement for supplies. Howl therefore taught Namir that it was about winning the people's hearts and not robbing them. Namir thought to himself many times that if he didn't believe in the rebel cause, then he should leave. He would have left if he didn't care for his friends in Twilight Company so much. Becoming a leader to Twilight Company meant the Twilight Soldiers respected Namir and looked up to him. Namir became very close to his peers during his time as Captain of Twilight Company. When stranded on Sullust Namir refused to leave the Sullustans after seeing the state they were in when going around Pinyumb. Namir had to overthrow Everi Chalis's temporary leadership of Twilight Company in order for his soldiers to stay with him and fight for Sullust.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Hazram Namir first appeared in the 2015 canon novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.



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