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"My father. He used to fight them. There was a war."
Hazram Namir describing his fathers actions in the clone wars[src]

The father of Hazram Namir was a human male from the Planet Crucival. He had formally fought clones back in the Clone Wars. During the era of the Tripartite Culture, he approached his son who was a member of the Opaline Creed. He offered Hazram to run from the Creed and hide with him. However, Hazram, nicknamed Umu Seven by the Creed, had fallen for the luxuries the Creed offered and refused him. He walked away never to see Hazram again. He was later stabbed in the chest by a child of which Hazram learned of sometime before the Sixty-First Mobile Infantryattacked the Imperials in the Crucival transmitter tower.[1]

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