"Headhunter Company, you'll follow Jaster to the recovery site. Kill anything that gets in your way."

Headhunter Company was a division of True Mandalorian soldiers under the command[1] of Mand'alor Jaster Mereel[2] during the mission to Korda Six to rescue pinned-down Kordan Defense Force personnel from hostile territory. A heavy infantry unit, Headhunter Company was tasked with recovering the Kordan security team from their besieged position and eliminating any hostile natives in their way.[1]

Despite intelligence reports denoting minimal resistance to be expected, the native Kordans assaulted the True Mandalorian mercenaries in force as they made planetfall. As Jango Fett's troops came under heavy fire, Mereel ordered Headhunter Company and Vertigo Company to reinforce their Mandalorian comrades; Vertigo's commander, Montross, refused and instead pressed his attack on the Kordan natives, only to get shot down and ultimately rescued by Mereel. Mereel ordered all True Mandalorian units to retreat, including Headhunter Company, but the entire operation on Korda Six was soon revealed to be a trap laid out by the Death Watch,[1] a renegade Mandalorian splinter-faction in sworn opposition to the True Mandalorians.[2] The Death Watch's leader, Tor Vizsla,[3] slew Mereel on the field of battle, and Jango Fett was chosen to succeed him as leader of the Mandalorians. The True Mandalorians were forced to withdraw, and Headhunter Company dispersed back into the larger ranks of their forces.[1]

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Headhunter Company was first introduced to Star Wars in the second issue of the Jango Fett: Open Seasons comic book series, written by Hayden Blackman and published June 17, 2002.[1]


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