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"It's his heart! Please! Someone get help!"
Padmé Amidala, about Onaconda Farr[src]

The heart was an organ that pumped blood through the body of certain species[1] (including humans,[2] Kaleesh,[1] Rodians[3] and Umbarans[3]) by "beating". Smaller lifeforms had a quicker heartbeat than larger ones.[4] Some species, like the Zabrak[5] and the Cereans, had two hearts.[1] The Wermal species had three hearts.[6]

When an individual became physically active, excited or ill, his or her heart rate could rise significantly.[2] When a being was exposed to cold and inadequately protected, his or her heart rate and breathing would slow so that they became hard to detect at all. If the heart ever stopped beating completely, death ensued.[4] The Rodian Senator Onaconda Farr died after drinking poison that affected his heart. Physical injuries to the heart could also lead to fatal issues: the Umbaran Senator Mee Deechi perished after Lolo Purs drove a dagger through his heart.[7]

The word "heart" also referred to a person's personality or disposition. During the war between the First Order and the Resistance, Supreme Leader Snoke exclaimed that his apprentice, Kylo Ren, was a failure—possessing too much of his late father's heart.[8]



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