"The dead king Dathka Graush replaced his own heart with this fist-sized ruby, which contained the souls of his foes."
Sorzus Syn[src]

Through the use of Sith magic and alchemy, the Sith King Dathka Graush replaced his own heart with a Force-sensitive crystal later called the Heart of Graush. The Heart of Graush was made of the same material as the crystals within Sith crypts that housed the spirits of vanquished Jedi Masters. Within the heart were the dark side spirits of thousands of long-dead Sith. Graush used the Heart to make himself almost invincible.

Thousands of years after the Graush's death, the captain of the pirate vessel Jynni's Virtue, Naz Felyood, discovered the Heart buried in a tomb in the Valley of Golg. This led to the Captain being possessed by Graush.

In the end, Felyood's comrades destroyed Jynni's Virtue, and Felyood lost the Heart in the process. He wandered Korriban for a long time afterward, ageless, constantly searching for the Heart.



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