The Heavy Tracker 16 was a thick-barreled blaster rifle produced by SoroSuub Corporation.


Manufactured by SoroSuub Corporation, the Heavy Tracker 16 was a thick-barrelled blaster rifle with built-in stock, weighing a hefty six kilograms.[2] The weapon had a range of three hundred meters,[3] and cost between a thousand[1] and one thousand one hundred credits apiece. The Heavy Tracker 16 was similar in design to the E-11 blaster rifle,[2] although it was not as reliable or versatile.[4]


Like many SoroSuub designs, the Heavy Tracker 16 was originally licensed from another company. The Heavy Tracker 16 was licensed from BlasTech Industries, and the Sullustan engineers modified the design, fixing what they perceived were flaws with the original designs.[2]

The Heavy Tracker 16 was a tough, durable weapon which was favored by the Alliance to Restore the Republic and various militias and insurrectionists, where it performed well in a wilderness environment.[2] It merits, however, meant that it was generally unsuitable for deployment with police forces.[4]


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