Hedala Fardi was a Force-sensitive human female living on the planet Thabeska during the first year of the Galactic Empire. She was five years old and was the youngest member of the Fardi clan, a wealthy smuggler family on Thabeska. Hedala was Force-sensitive and was able to sense danger from afar. While the Togruta former Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano was working as a mechanic and courier pilot for the Fardis, she befriended Hedala. The two became close friends and Tano once used her Force powers to save Fardi from being crushed by containers.[1]

Shortly after the Empire Day festivities, she sensed a "shadow" in the Force, which turned out to be the Inquisitor known as the Sixth Brother. The Sixth Brother had come to Thabeska after receiving reports of a Force-sensitive on the planet, but he was not strong enough in the Force to track it to its source, resulting in him leaving. Fardi later confided in Tano, who advised her to stay away from the "shadow." Tano later told Hedala's father Fardi to safeguard his youngest daughter because she was "special". Fardi was saddened by Tano's departure.[1]

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