"My name is Hedarr Soongh. Long ago, I was a Great Hunt champion. I wish to see the integrity of the Great Hunt and our traditions preserved."
―Hedarr Soongh[src]

Hedarr Soongh was a male Human Mandalorian who earned fame among his people for being the youngest competitor to win the Great Hunt in 3708 BBY.

Soongh was the youngest hunter to have ever won the Great Hunt before becoming a Mandalorian. During the Cold War, Soongh became aware that a few of his failed pupils had joined forces with Tarro Blood to eliminate the competition. To that end, Soongh contacted Blood's nemesis, a talented and surviving hunter to warn of Blood's associates gathering on Nar Shaddaa to plot the Hunter's final demise. Soongh personally supervised an honorable death match between the Hunter and the murderer of both Braden and Jory. However, though the Hunter prevailed, the other Mandalorians refused to heed Soongh's order to allow the Hunter to continue the Great Hunt in peace and shot him in the chest. Once the Hunter had dispatched them all, Soongh pleaded the Hunter to ensure that the Mandalorians do not fall of the path from honor.


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