Heder Brant was a male Imperial Security Bureau liaison stationed at the Imperial garrison on the backwater planet Spintir in 0 ABY. Brant did not like his posting on Spintir, nor the way the wealthy citizens in the city of Reles tried to be sophisticated. While a low-ranking member of the ISB, he bluffed and coerced his way to more power, as no one in Reles dared question the ISB. If Brant discovered a heist of the governor's collection, or a Force-sensitive, he would use it to his advantage, and attempt to get a promotion out of it. He did not usually carry a weapon.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Heder Brant appears in Fantasy Flight Games' 2015 downloadable roleplaying game adventure Lure of the Lost. He only appears if the players are captured or draw undue attention. He will free the players from captivity in return for a favor, and the game suggests that he be used in future encounters.


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