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Hedrett Observation Lounge was a cantina located in Hedrett on Cularin that operated during the time of the Clone Wars.

Location and featuresEdit

The lounge was located next to Hedrett Groundport, a busy spaceport. It had floor-to-ceiling windows on the side facing the port, to allow patrons to watch starships take off and land. It was decorated in an upmarket "spacer bar" style, although it was a lot cleaner than most such bars. It had a huge holoscreen next to the bar that broadcasted sporting events and news reports.


During the Clone Wars, the Twi'lek Tott Varula worked in the lounge as a barman. Around this time, Veneziano Haas arranged to meet the Heroes of Cularin at the bar. He was held up by an officer in the Thaereian military, so he commed Varula and asked him to provide the heroes with a table and free drinks. While they waited, Cularin's Senator, Lavina Wren, appeared on the holoscreen and gave a short speech about how the Thaereians had began a Blockade of the Cularin system, to counter any potential threat from the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Afterwards, Haas arrived and briefed the heroes about sending them on a mission to fly through the blockade and deliver supplies to a remote Cularin Militia base located in the Cularin system asteroid belt.


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