Heedron Bomu was a Rodian pilot and soldier. He was a member of the Bomu Clan, and a pirate captain.

Heedron was the captain of the light freighter Vengeance, whose crew included Heedron's brother Ormann. Both of them had been working for a time for Zonnos the Lesser of the Anjiliac kajidic, raiding enemy ships.

In typical Hutt fashion, there was much infighting in the Anjiliac kajidic. Heedron was dispatched by Zonnos to prevent the rescue of his brother Mika from Endregaad. The rescue was instigated by Zonnos' parent Popara, and was more than the pair could handle. In the ensuing firefight, it is believed that Ormann was killed and Heedron handed over to the Corporate Sector Authority.

The rescuers found two more Bomus on Endregaad when returning to their ships, wanting to "finish the job". It is unclear if they were Heedron and Ormann, or if they were their relatives, Gespo and Hreeda Bomu, looking for revenge.