As the owner of Kaldani Spires Residential Apartments, Hego Damask resided in the building's penthouse suite, an opulent, richly carpeted series of rooms which housed the Sith Lord's vast collection of antique furniture, framed artworks and prized statues. Among Damask's most treasured keepsakes was a statue of the ancient philosopher Yanjon, which his apprentice Palpatine had secretly coveted.[1]


The night before Palpatine's election to the position of Supreme Chancellor in the year 32 BBY, Damask and Palpatine withdrew to the penthouse after a performance at the Galaxies Opera House to celebrate the Senator's certain victory over Sullustan wine. The night wore away, and Damask became intoxicated until he fell—involuntarily—into a state of somnolence, and then deep sleep, after years of having forgone the need for it; it was then that Palpatine implemented the dictate of the Rule of Two—a rule that Plagueis and Sidious had agreed on superseding—by murdering his master with Force lightning. Damask attempted in vain to fend off his apprentice's onslaught with a telekinetic blast, but only succeeded in wrecking his apartment—Palpatine remained unmoved. The Sith Lord's droid, 11-4D, was the sole witness.[1]


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