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The Helix-class light interceptor was an armed freighter manufactured by Arakyd Industries that could easily serve as a starfighter. A second generation was also produced, the "Model B."


The original model of the interceptor had a Class 2 Incom Corporation GBp-625 hyperdrive, whereas the Model B came with a Class 1 GBp-629 hyperdrive.

Both variants of the craft had a LBE flight control computer, 4 H-L Block ion drives, a Class 12 backup hyperdrive, 80 fuel cells, and an atmospheric capability of over 1050 kilometers per hour along with great maneuverability.

A duranium-kathor composite hull was protected by shields. The craft boasted 2 Plasburst laser cannon belly turrets that could be fire-linked, 2 forward fire-linked ion cannons, and 1 forward dorsal proton torpedo launcher that carried 5 Mark V-rated torpedoes.


The craft was only manufactured for 6 months before the Bureau of Ships and Services realized that Arakyd was manufacturing an illegally-armed "freighter". The Empire then mandated an end to the production, but that did not stop Arakyd from selling the existing craft.

The Empire demanded that all owners of such craft strip them down to meet Safe Starship Regulations and register the craft with the ISB, but few people actually did so, and many Imperial nobles maintained their ships as delivered.



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