The Helmet Squad was a squad of prison guards that stood guard in Desolation Alley.

Oovo IV UprisingEdit

The squad's greatest service would be during Jango Fett's mission to Oovo IV. When Fett learned of a bounty posted for prisoner Bendix Fust by Malastare crime lord Sebolto, Fett immediately set course for Oovo IV, managing to breach the massive deflector shield.

After pushing through a guard outpost, Jango came across Ledd Pinot with a group of Helmet Squad guards, Pinot also had a price on his head. All guards were killed in the ensuing firefight. Pinot tried to take Jango down with a stun baton, but was shot to death by the fearless bounty hunter and the bounty of 4,000 credits, dead or alive, was claimed.

When Jango reached the prison supply port, Wip Sheff was waiting with another legion of guards. Fett slaughtered the guards, claimed the bounty of 4,000 credits on Sheff's head and infiltrated the supply port, arriving in Desolation Alley.

Fett soon arrived in a storage room filled to the brim with more men from the Helmet Squad, including Natt Bordo, who had a price on his head. After claiming the bounty and killing the guards Fett proceeded to Sublevel One.

On breaching the cellblock, Fett came across two more members of the Helmet Squad who had prices on their heads, the Trandoshan Frissk, and the Squad's human leader "Shank" Ballax. Frissk was taken alive.

Following the capture of Bendix Fust, the prison guards of Helmet Squad were pushed into service, again but without a leader, due to "Shank" Ballax's absence.

Equipment usedEdit

As of the time of the Oovo IV uprising, the men of the Helmet Squad made use of blaster rifles, blaster pistols, missile launchers, gun turrets, stun batons and heavy repeating blaster rifles.



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