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Magic words are strings of text that MediaWiki associates with a return value or function, such as time, site details, or page names. This page is about usage of standard magic words; for a technical reference, see Metawikipedia:Manual:Magic words.

General notesEdit

  • Inheritance: page-dependent magic words will affect or return data about the current page, regardless of whether it is in the page code or a transcluded template.

Behavior switchesEdit

A behavior switch controls the layout of the page. They are written as a magic word wrapped with double underscores.

Word Description Versions
Table of contents
__NOTOC__ Hides the table of contents (TOC).
__FORCETOC__ Forces the table of content to appear at its normal position (above the first header).
__TOC__ Places a table of contents at the word's current position (overriding __NOTOC__). If this is used multiple times, the table of contents will appear at the first word's position.
__NOEDITSECTION__ Hides the section edit links beside headings.
__NEWSECTIONLINK__ Adds a link (("+" by default) beside the "edit" tab for adding a new section on a non-talk page (see m:Help:Section#Adding a section at the end). 1.7+
__NOGALLERY__ Used on a category page, replaces thumbnails in the category view with normal links. 1.7+
__HIDDENCAT__ Used on a category page, hides the category from the lists of categories in its members and parent categories (there is an option in the user preferences to show them). 1.13+
Language conversion
On wikis with language variants, don't perform any content language conversion (character and phase) in article display; for example, only show Chinese (zh) instead of variants like zh_cn, zh_tw, zh_sg, or zh_hk.
On wikis with language variants, don't perform language conversion on the title (all other content is converted).
__END__ Explicitly marks the end of the article, to prevent MediaWiki from removing trailing whitespace. Removed in 19213.
__START__ No effect.


The syntax of variables is similar to templates, but capitalized to help avoid conflicts. If a template has the same name and case as a variable, the variable will be used. Usage of the template can be forced by adding the "msg:" modifier (for example, "{{msg:CURRENTYEAR}}"). In some cases, adding parameters will force the parser to treat a variable as a template; for example, {{CURRENTDAYNAME|x}} tries to transclude "Template:CURRENTDAYNAME".

Date & timeEdit

The following variables return the current date and time according to the user's timezone preferences, defaulting to the UTC timezone.

Due to MediaWiki and browser caching, these variables frequently show when the page was cached rather than the current time.

Variable Output Description Versions
{{CURRENTYEAR}} 2016 Year
{{CURRENTMONTH}} 02 Month (zero-padded number)
{{CURRENTMONTHNAME}} February Month (name)
{{CURRENTMONTHNAMEGEN}} February Month (genitive form)
{{CURRENTMONTHABBREV}} Feb Month (abbreviation) 1.5+
{{CURRENTDAY}} 7 Day of the month (unpadded number)
{{CURRENTDAY2}} 07 Day of the month (zero-padded number) 1.6+
{{CURRENTDOW}} 0 Day of the week (unpadded number)
{{CURRENTDAYNAME}} Sunday Day of the week (name)
{{CURRENTTIME}} 12:30 Time (24-hour HH:mm format)
{{CURRENTHOUR}} 12 Hour (24-hour zero-padded number)
{{CURRENTWEEK}} 5 Week (number)
{{CURRENTTIMESTAMP}} 20160207123013 ISO 8601 time stamp 1.7+

The following variables do the same as the above, but using the site's local timezone instead of user preferences and UTC:

  • {{LOCALDAY}}
  • {{LOCALDAY2}}
  • {{LOCALDOW}}

Technical metadataEdit

Revision variables return data about the latest edit to the current page, even if viewing an older version of the page.

Variable Output Description Versions
{{SITENAME}} Wookieepedia The wiki's site name.
{{CURRENTVERSION}} 1.19.24 The wiki's MediaWiki version. 1.7+
{{CONTENTLANGUAGE}} en The wiki's default interface language.
Latest revision to current page
{{REVISIONID}} 2762819 Unique ID
{{REVISIONDAY}} 16 Day edit was made (unpadded number)
{{REVISIONDAY2}} 16 Day edit was made (zero-padded number)
{{REVISIONMONTH}} 09 Month edit was made (unpadded number)
{{REVISIONYEAR}} 2009 Year edit was made
{{REVISIONTIMESTAMP}} 20090916054943 Timestamp as of time of edit


Numbers returned by these variables contain number separators, but can return raw numbers with the ":R" flag (for example, {{NUMBEROFPAGES}} = 415,799 and {{NUMBEROFPAGES:R}} = 415799). Use "|R" for magic words that require a parameter like PAGESINCATEGORY (for example {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Help}} and {{PAGESINCATEGORY:Help|R}}).

Variable Output Description Versions
Entire wiki
{{NUMBEROFPAGES}} 415,799 Number of wiki pages. 1.7+
{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} 125,428 Number of pages in main namespace.
{{NUMBEROFFILES}} 71,531 Number of uploaded files. 1.5+
{{NUMBEROFEDITS}} 6,190,298 Number of page edits. 1.10+
{{NUMBEROFUSERS}} 8,405,483 Number of registered users. 1.7+
{{NUMBEROFADMINS}} 16 Number of users in in the sysop group. 1.7+

URL dataEdit


Variable Output Description Versions
{{SERVER}} domain URL
{{SERVERNAME}} domain name
{{SCRIPTPATH}} relative script path
{{localurl:page name}}
{{localurl:page name|query string}}
/wiki/Page_name?query string
relative path to title
{{fullurl:page name}}
{{fullurl:page name|query_string}}
absolute path to title
{{filepath:file name}}
{{filepath:file name|nowiki}}
absolute path to image or media file (nowiki parameter currently buggy) r25854

Page namesEdit

Variable Output Description Versions
{{FULLPAGENAME}} Help:Magic words Namespace and page title.
{{PAGENAME}} Magic words Page title.
{{BASEPAGENAME}} Magic words Page title excluding the current subpage and namespace ("Title" on "Title/foo"). 1.7+
{{SUBPAGENAME}} Magic words The subpage title ("foo" on "Title/foo"). 1.6+
{{SUBJECTPAGENAME}} Help:Magic words The namespace and title of the associated content page. 1.7+
{{TALKPAGENAME}} Help talk:Magic words The namespace and title of the associated talk page. 1.7+

The following are URL-encoded equivalents:



Variable Output Description Versions
{{NAMESPACE}} Help Namespace (name)
{{SUBJECTSPACE}} Help Name of the associated content namespace
{{TALKSPACE}} Help talk Name of the associated talk namespace

The following are URL-encoded equivalents:


{{ns:}} returns the localized namespace name for that number of constant. The default values are:

Usage Output
{{ns:-2}} or {{ns:Media}} Media
{{ns:-1}} or {{ns:Special}} Special
{{ns:1}} or {{ns:Talk}} Talk
{{ns:2}} or {{ns:User}} User
{{ns:3}} or {{ns:User_talk}} User talk
{{ns:4}} or {{ns:Project}} Wookieepedia
{{ns:5}} or {{ns:Project_talk}} Wookieepedia talk
{{ns:6}} or {{ns:Image}} File
{{ns:7}} or {{ns:Image_talk}} File talk
{{ns:8}} or {{ns:MediaWiki}} MediaWiki
{{ns:9}} or {{ns:MediaWiki_talk}} MediaWiki talk
{{ns:10}} or {{ns:Template}} Template
{{ns:11}} or {{ns:Template_talk}} Template talk
{{ns:12}} or {{ns:Help}} Help
{{ns:13}} or {{ns:Help_talk}} Help talk
{{ns:14}} or {{ns:Category}} Category
{{ns:15}} or {{ns:Category_talk}} Category talk
{{ns:100}} or {{ns:Forum}} Forum
{{ns:101}} or {{ns:Forum_talk}} Forum talk

An example of magic word input and rendering

A "magic word" is a keyword or phrase recognized by MediaWiki software (which Wikia is built on), which triggers the software to do something special on the page. When editing in the visual editor, magic words on the page will show up as a green puzzle piece.


  • To add a magic word, simply add the magic word to the content of the page somewhere. It will look like code, but after you save (or preview), it will work as intended.
    • Magic words can be added in either editor (source or visual); however, source mode must be used to edit a magic word. Alternatively, in the visual editor, you can simply remove the magic word you wish to change and add the new one.

Common Magic Words

Here are some of the magic words used most commonly at Wikia:

  • __NOTOC__ hides the table of contents on a page.
  • __TOC__ places the table of contents exactly where this is entered. It overrides the NOTOC switch.
  • __NOWYSIWYG__, disables the rich text editor on a page.
  • {{CURRENTDAYNAME}} produces the current day of the week.
  • {{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} shows the number of articles on your wikia.
  • {{SITENAME}} produces the name of the wikia.
  • {{PAGENAME}} produces the name of the page the word is placed on.
  • {{FULLPAGENAME}} produces the entire page name, i.e. along with the namespace, of the page it is placed on.

Full list of Magic Words

For a full list of available magic words, see the Magic words help page on MediaWiki. [1]

Wikia-Specific Magic Words

Some extensions or features unique to Wikia also have magic words associated with them. Here is a comprehensive list:

Wiki Navigation

These magic words will fill in data for your wikia navigation bar. To utilize them, these must be placed on the MediaWiki:Wiki-navigation page:

  • #categoryX# - where X is a number greater than 0. This gets the top 8 pages from the X biggest category on a wiki.
  • #category-Foo# - Gets the top 8 pages from Category:Foo.
  • #visited# - Populates a list of the top visited pages from MediaWiki:Most popular articles.
  • #newlychanged# - Gets recently edited pages.
  • #topusers# - Gets a list of the most active users.

Category Galleries

These magic words will apply to the Category Gallery feature when left on a Category page:

  • __NOCATEGORYGALLERY__ - Hides a category gallery from being rendered on a category page.
  • __FORCECATEGORYGALLERY__ - If the category gallery is enabled on a wikia, but it is not applied to all categories by default, this will add a category gallery to the category page.


  1. Some magic words may function differently, or not work, at Wikia. This occurs because the version of the MediaWiki software used by Wikia is not always the same version as those of either or

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