Henlon Station was an XQ4 Platform used as an Imperial customs station in the Nezni system.

Henlon Station was in close proximity to a nearby civilian Golan Space Colony 1, Corvalis.


It was the location where Toburik Haulers was going to deliver a number of different cargoes before the Rebel Alliance and the Hurrim, a pirate organization that was under a false alliance with the Rebels, arrived to steal their cargo.

Toburik Haulers complied with the Rebels' demands for surrender and lowered their shields. However, the Hurrim then showed their true colors and fired on the civilians but were driven away. The Rebels then sent their Mobquet medium transport group called Raider to retrieve the cargo from the disabled vessels. The station then sent fighters to try to stop the Rebels from taking the cargo. The attempt failed and the Rebels made off with their new equipment.

Nevertheless, the station might have used this incident as a possible propaganda attempt to damage the Alliance's reputation.

Behind the scenesEdit

Despite the fact that Henlon Station is Imperial and launches TIE/IN interceptors to fight the player, the station will not fire on the player with its own defenses.



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