The Herald-class shuttle was a light freighter created by the Star Forge for use in the Jedi Civil War.[1]


Jedi Shadow CG

A Jedi Shadow sneaks aboard a Herald-class shuttle

The craft was a 28 meter long design, lightly armed with two turbolasers and crewed by two people.[1]


The Herald-class was based on a Republic Fleet Systems design made in limited amounts before it was replaced by the Ministry-class orbital shuttle.[1]

The Herald was one of the few transport ships mass-produced by the Sith Empire. They were used to ship equipment to and from planets, including the precious kolto of Manaan.[2]

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The Herald-class shuttle was first introduced in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic video game by BioWare, released in July 2003. Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, a 2008 Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Roleplaying Game hardcover supplement, identified the ship as a Herald-class shuttle, also giving technical details for the class.



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