The Herder's Gauntlets were a pair of gloves constructed by the Jedi Master Needa Kame. An artifact imbued with the Force, the Gauntlets enabled Force-sensitive individuals not inclined toward telekinetic abilities to harness the Force and lift objects.


Created by the Iktotchi Jedi Master Needa Kame, the Gauntlets were intended to assist Iktotchi Jedi in their use of telekinesis, a skill not common among the species. Taking a leave of absence from his normal duties, Kame spent a decade on Iktotch working on the Gauntlets. Frustrated that he could not perfect them, he occasionally entertained local village children during his time in isolation. Realizing his application of the Force was the problem, not the Gauntlets, he was able to successfully change his approach and lift a village girl into the air. The gloves were made of the hide and horn of a local ungulate.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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