The Herdessan Guild was the leading faction on the planet Herdessa during the Galactic Civil War. The guild was responsible for the profitable trade that made the planet very rich. However, the guild only distributed the wealth to a small portion of the populace, resulting in a large social class gap between the rich and the poor. Following the Battle of Endor, the guild allied themselves with Lumiya to create a slave trade on Herdessa, selling members of the lower class to other worlds.

Eventually, Mon Mothma and Princess Leia Organa came to Herdessa on a diplomatic mission to invite representatives to the First Conference of Free Peoples. While there, the Guild dined with the two women and listened to their proposal; however, they refused the offer and took the Rebel diplomats hostage with the exception of the Princess who had escaped the proceedings. Eventually, during the Battle of Herdessa, the guild was overthrown by the Herdessan rebels, who were made up of the lower and middle classes. The guild's ally, Lumiya retreated and escaped off-world. Members of the guild most likely found themselves in Alliance custody after the conflict.

Known membersEdit