Herdessan shocktroopers.

Herdessan shocktroopers were the armed forces on the planet Herdessa. They acted as police and security forces for the Herdessan Guild which ran the planet. During the Nagai–Tof War, the guild allied with Lumiya, appointing her the head of planetary security. This move placed the Herdessan shocktroopers under Lumiya's command, and she immediately began to use them to establish a slave trade on the planet. The shocktroopers succeeded in rounding up a substantial portion of the lower class to be shipped off-planet as slaves. During the Battle of Herdessa, the shocktroopers fought alongside Lumiya's own stormtroopers to try and put down the rebellion. After the corrupt Herdessan government was overthrown in the battle and Lumiya defeated, the shocktroopers were arrested. It's unknown if they were reorganized to help the new government.


Herdessan shocktroopers wore tan jumpsuits with a red diamond on their right breast. To show her power over them, Lumiya also wore a diamond on her chest. Along with their red diamond, the shocktroopers wore red gloves, boots, and helmets. For weapons, the shocktroopers were either equipped with standard clubs or a small hold-out blaster.