Herglese or Herglic was the language of the Herglics from the planet Giju. Most Herglics also learned to speak Basic, so Herglese was not quite extended.

Due to the influence of Herglic trading within the Tapani sector several Herglic words were incorporated into the local vocabulary.

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Glossary of termsEdit

  • chakk - a naïve person. Literally a young Herglic that was not weaned from its mother
  • hauum - sound of a Herglic clearing his blowhole. Used at the beginning of a significant remark.
  • pakk - city (literally pod community) or planet
  • pison - thief/bully or Imperial official Rebellion era
  • pison-pakk - Coruscant or any Imperial sector capitol Rebellion era
  • shen - pod mother or a spacecraft that has nurtured the traveler in space
  • shan - pod aunt or a spacecraft not traveled in.
  • shan-pakk - spaceport
  • shep - friend (literally podmate) or wingman/sister ship
  • shep-pakk - homeworld
  • umron - an idiot who is ignorant to his stupidity