"I am a banker. A banker believes in certain things. The sanctity of wealth. The right to privacy. I don't agree with what the Empire is doing. The financial future of the galaxy depends on the right of the wealthy to protect their accounts. We are now asked to hand over details of deposits and withdrawals on a weekly basis to an Imperial investigator. It's a terrible thing."
―Herk Bloomi.[src]

Herk Bloomi was the manager of new accounts at Bank Niro Eleven during the beginning of the Imperial reign. In 18 BBY,[1] he was visited by Clive Flax and Astri Oddo, who were looking for information about Eve Yarrow. Concerned about his client's privacy, Herk was reluctant at first but eventually caved in, giving them Yarrow's account status and her address. He let Flax and Oddo "steal" his cruiser after Imperial stormtroopers arrived.

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Bloomi was an extremely nervous man who, nonetheless, believed in his clients' utmost privacy. His lack of spine is evident when he starts sweating profusely (so much so that his collar was drenched) when stormtroopers arrive. His reluctance to help Flax and Oddo stemmed both from his respect of Eve Yarrow's privacy and the thought of the repercussions of what he was doing.


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