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Hermos was an android Human replica droid created by an unknown manufacturer. However, it can be assumed that he was created separately of the Rebel's Project Decoy and the replica droid project headed by Massad Thrumble and Simonelle the Ingoian. Hermos was built to provide brute strength, with little thought to appearance, and he resembled a Human only in the most generic sense.


During the Galactic Civil War, Hermos was the bodyguard of Nescan Tal'yo. Tal'yo had come into the possession of a holocube which contained the locations of several of the Rebel's secret bases. Tal'yo had come into possession of the holocube after killing a Rebel courier on Farwell Station presumably with the help of Hermos. Tal'Yo knew how valuable the cube was and he made plans to sell the information to the highest bidder.

The Galactic Empire contacted Tal'yo and set up a meeting on the planet Elerion. To make sure that the holocube stayed safe, Tal'yo hired Gogol, the owner of the Lucky Star, to hide the cube. Tal'yo mingled in the casino as Hermos kept watch to protect Tal'yo in case anyone tried anything before the drop was made. As Hermos surveyed the casino patrons, a young woman approached the droid and began to complement Hermos on his strong physique. Hermos was puzzled by the woman's advances until Tal'yo commandeered the conversation, explaining that Hermos was an android.


Hermos rushes Leia Organa in an attempt to save his master.

Hermos followed the woman and his master to an upstairs room in the casino. While Tal'yo tried to seduce the woman, Hermos kept watch near the window. Unfortunately, the woman turned out to be a Rebel commando sent to infiltrate the casino and destroy the holocube. Hermos rushed the woman to protect his master, but the woman aimed her blaster at the droid and fired. Hermos was blasted out of the third story window and out into crowd surrounding the casino. General Khorak witnessed the destruction and sent forces to the scene. Unfortunately for the Imperials, the Rebel commandos were successful in destroying the holocube.



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