"You should drink the expensive stuff—the Bothans are paying for it."
―Herrit Gordon to Gavin Darklighter[src]

Herrit Gordon was a short, balding New Republic diplomat.


Gordon, a member of the New Republic Diplomatic Corps, was stationed on Bothawui for some time. There, his wife, Tatavan, learned Bothese, making her popular with the locals. Gordon became familiar with Bothan society and customs, and liased with businessmen such as Liska Dan'kre's father.

Gordon was stationed on Coruscant shortly after its conquest while working under the Ministry of State, when he was invited to an elaborate skyhook party hosted by Liska Dan'kre. While his wife chatted with Bothans, he spent most of his time at the bar with the few other non-Bothans present. One of those was Gavin Darklighter, whom Gordon greeted and made small talk with. When Karka Kre'fey approached and provoked Darklighter over actions Kre'fey's grandfather had taken, then slapped him and challenged him to a duel, Gordon was aghast and attempted to intervene. Darklighter declined Gordon's aid, told Kre'fey off, and declined a duel. Impressed with his handling of it, Gordon congratulated the young Rogue Squadron pilot.



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