Hesh Verbon was the Portmaster at Kwilaan Starport in Keren, on Naboo in 32 BBY.


As a younger woman and criminal, Hesh Verbon was apprehended by the Royal Naboo Security Force and convicted. She was given the choice of a prison sentence or off-world indentured labor. She chose to enlist in the militia of Dorvalla, an Outer Rim world. It was on that world that she developed an affectation for Core fashions and a taste for luxury.

When she finished her tour, she returned to her homeworld and volunteered for the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps, eventually becoming a starfighter pilot. Sometime later, she became a protege of Senator Palpatine, who arranged for her to be appointed Portmaster.

Verbon's administrative style was simple: total loyalty in exchange for "bonuses." She profited from the judicious use of a blind eye to smuggling, while carefully avoiding any activities that might draw the attention of the Bureau of Ships and Services. She took a small cut, as well as samples of Core luxury products, as a price for her noninterference.

While she allowed the avoidance of import fees and licenses for restricted goods, making Kwilaan Starport a minor shadowport, she refused to condone slavery and other activities explicitly illegal under Naboo law. She was unconcerned about the laws of the Galactic Republic, however.

Law enforcement failed to link Verbon to any criminal activities, and she maintained a working relationship with Republic Intelligence by gathering information on Rim worlds and criminal activities.

Hesh Verbon was bilingual, and spoke Sullustese in addition to Galactic Basic Standard.


An intelligent, if amoral woman, Verbon mainly looked out for herself. She had two major weaknesses, a taste for fine liquors and products from the Core, and a abiding curiosity in gossip regarding the high and mighty. She remained an excellent pilot and enjoyed flying craft and socializing with spacers.