The Hevurion Grace was a Pinnacle-class luxury ship that belonged to Senator Erudo Ro-Kiintor, the senior New Republic senator for Hevurion. About thirty years after the Battle of Endor, the Resistance leader General Leia Organa authorized a mission by Poe Dameron and his colleagues from Rapier Squadron to steal the Hevurion Grace in order to uncover Senator Ro-Kiintor's collusion with the First Order. Poe succeeded in boarding the luxury ship and forcing the Senator, his servant, and the pilot to evacuate in the escape pods.[1]

Despite the First Order sending several warships to rescue Ro-Kiintor, Poe and his comrades managed to escape with the Hevurion Grace into hyperspace. After examining the ship's navicomputer, the Resistance uncovered evidence of the Senator's collusion with the First Order. In addition, Leia salvaged information about Lor San Tekka, a man who knew the whereabouts of her missing Jedi brother Luke Skywalker, who had gone into hiding.[1]


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