"Crutag's mean, you know. He killed little Hewi just 'cos he didn't know where the ship was."

Hewi was a small alien who worked for Taloron Hunter Crutag, whose gang pursued a group of Rebels to the jungle world of Trinta. Whilst on the planet, Crutag was angered when his ship, the Scent of Fear, inexplicably disappeared. Crutag took out his anger on hapless Hewi, punching him in the head, his neck snapping when he hit the ground.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Based on the appearance of Rebel Alliance agents in Domain of Evil, Hewi's death occurred after the formation of the Alliance, which happened in 2 BBY as established in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
  2. In The Dark Forces Saga, Part 2, it is mentioned that Qu Rahn heard a report of Halagad Ventor's redemption before he contacted Morgan Katarn. This implies that Ventor (thus Hewi) died before Morgan Katarn, whose own death occurred in 1 BBY per Dark Forces: Soldier for the Empire
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