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The High-Altitude Entry Transport-221, also known as the HAET-221 or the Republic assault gunboat, was a military dropship that was manufactured by the Mekuun Corporation for use by the Republic's clone forces.


The HAET-221 was 17.2 meters long, and armed with antipersonnel blasters and a larger anti-vehicle laser cannon. These short-range ships were launched from low orbit, and used positional rockets to help them reach their target destinations.

Once they entered the lower atmosphere, repulsorlift units were used to propel these craft. The HAET-221 usually flew at a low altitude of several meters, although it was capable of reaching an altitude of several kilometers. Once in a planet's atmosphere, these ships were incapable of returning to space on their own.

To help them reach their landing sites, these ships were equipped with advanced targeting arrays that could quickly map a planet's surface. The mapping systems of the HAET-221 also allowed it to perform secondary missions such as patrol, search, and reconnaissance. These ships were equipped with at least one searchlight.


HAET-221s were used as patrol craft during the occupation of Utapau after the clone troopers turned on their Utapaun allies and subjugated the planet.

Behind the scenesEdit


Early concept art.

Originally, the HAET-221 was designed to be a Confederacy of Independent Systems capital ship to partake in the Battle of Coruscant before switching sides, then switching sides again, and finally switching sides once more and being scaled down to become the Republic assault gunboat.



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