High Hauler was an Imperial transport that was captured by the New Republic in 5 ABY and used to sneak a twelve-man Rebel strike team which included WeeGee, Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, and Alfonso Luiz Obota onto the planet of Ruusan through Jerec's blockade. High Hauler normally contained a crew of twenty-five, but a crew as small as twelve could operate the vessel. The ship had a docking bay that could fit the Moldy Crow as well as a Lambda-class shuttle.

High Hauler's cover story was that it was taking a shipment of 250 proton torpedoes from the Corporate Sector to Byss when it came under Rebel attack. Most of the bridge crew, including Captain Drax, were killed and the engineering officer Hortu Agar had been forced to assume command. How much of the story was true and how much was false was unknown.