Him was a name given to a wild and allegedly male zuxu living on the planet of Ganlihk. Him terrorized one of a pair of vacationers who had come to Ganlikh on a fishing expedition.

According to the account of the first of the two vacationers, Him was first noticed circling their boat. The first vacationer thought that something was fishy and made his concerns known to his companion, Hendrixen, but Hendrixen claimed that he had seen nothing of the sort.

Him eventually swam off but allegedly wanted to remember what the first vacationer looked like. As the vacationer was napping, Him allegedly stuck his head out of the water to get a good look at him. This went unnoticed by Hendrixen, but the first vacationer woke up to the sight of the zuxu looking at him. The first vacationer was unnerved by the sight of the fish.

At midnight, the first vacationer investigated what he described as an "infernal crunching sound" and found Him eating the day's catch. When the vacationer came to his attention, Him pursued the vacationer through the forest. Him came close to catching the vacationer once, but failed to do so when his quarry climbed up a ryless tree.

Him could not climb the tree and the only action that he took was looking up at the vacationer and opening and closing his jaws. The vacationer took advantage of the situation and threw seed cones at Him until Him either could not stay out of the water for an extended period of time or simply lost interest.

Though it appears that Him never saw the vacationer again, Him definitely made an impression on the vacationer. The vacationer planted wire traps along the shore of the lake where Him lived and was eventually committed to Londori Mental Facility.