Hissest was a young female Sekct who encountered a group of Alliance to Restore the Republic agents while fighting a pack of Mosrk'teck. She attempted to convince the leader of her tribe to aid the Rebels in destroying a hyperbaride plant on the planet Marca. She-Who-Speaks was outraged by Hissest's belief that the Rebels were some form of divine aid and ordered that the Rebels undergo "trial by challenge," a duel to the death between appointed champions. Hissest was appointed as the Sekct champion. The outcome of the duel elevated Hissest in the eyes of the tribe, and she became the de facto chief, eventually replacing the previous She-Who-Speaks.

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Behind the scenesEdit

If Hissest ends up the duel's victor, then she becomes the tribe's She-Who-Speaks. If she is killed, then the original She-Who-Speaks will consider the Rebels friends for honoring her tradition.


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