The Historical Battle Site Preservation Act (HBSPA) was a piece of New Republic legislation created to protect and preserve artifacts from battle zones of the Galactic Civil War.

As early as the Battle of Yavin, artifacts from the land, sea, air and space battles between Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire forces began to find their way into the hands of both private collectors and criminals. When hostilities between the New Republic and the Imperial Remnant began to subside, private scavenging operations at battle sites increased in earnest, hoping to collect valuable scrap, artifacts and useful equipment. After an Imperial thermal detonator fulminated in the home of a Givin battle artifact collector and a Rudrigian gang was found in possession of operational interrogation droids, the HBSPA gained the support it needed for passage through the New Republic Senate.

The Act took major steps:

  • defined battle sites protected by the Act;
  • made the removal of artifacts from defined sites by unauthorized parties illegal;
  • established Operation Flotsam and funded its fleet of cargo haulers;
  • funded the Alliance War Museum to safely and properly house the recovered artifacts for the public good.



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