The Hocekureem Sea was a saltwater ocean on the Mid Rim planet Falleen. Sometimes referred to as just Hocekureem, it was most well known as the natural habitat of the fleek eel, renowned as a delicacy across the galaxy. The ocean's salt was also sometimes used as a seasoning in salads.


Located on the Mid Rim[2] planet Falleen,[1] the Hocekureem Sea was a saltwater ocean suitable for animal life. Often referred to as just Hocekureem, the ocean was the natural habitat of the fleek eel, an edible sea creature[3] that was considered a delicacy by chefs galaxywide.[4]


In 3964 BBY, a Snivvian self-proclaimed industrialist going by the name "Baron Hieromarn" tried to solicit investors on the planet Taris for a venture to bring fleek eels from the Hocekureem Sea to Taris for the local restaurant trade. Promising a three-for-one return on investment, Hieromarn guaranteed that fleek eel would be an Upper City delicacy within eight months.[3] Thousands of years later, Dex's Diner, an eatery in Coruscant's CoCo Town district, offered a dish called the Xizor salad, which was fresh Sizhranian lettuce tossed with Hocekureem Sea salt croutons. On the menu, it was advertised as being "fit for a Falleen prince!"[5]

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The Hocekureem Sea was first mentioned in the novel Shadows of the Empire, written by Steve Perry and released in 1996.[6] Although never actually making a direct appearance, the Hocekureem Sea was also mentioned in The Taris Holofeed: Prime Edition, an in-universe news report appearing on the last page of the comic Knights of the Old Republic 0: Crossroads,[3] and the 2009 Hyperspace article Dining at Dex's.[5] In 2008, the Hocekureem Sea was given an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[1]



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