"Hod Ha'ran, the trickster, agent of fickle fortune..."
Tor Vizsla[src]

Hod Ha'ran was a deity in the ancient Mandalorian religion. Known as a trickster god by the early Mandalorian people, Hod Ha'ran was viewed as an agent of the fickle nature of fortune.[1]

Over time, worship[2] of Hod Ha'ran[1] and the other Mandalorian gods, like Kad Ha'rangir the Destroyer and Arasuum the sloth-god, fell into decline.[2] The Mandalorians turned to the singular worship of war itself for a time,[3] before turning their backs on those beliefs as well as the centuries passed.[2] However, Hod Ha'ran and the Mandalorian gods were not completely forgotten: millennia later, Death Watch founder Tor Vizsla spoke of Hod Ha'ran and the ancient gods in a manifesto he prepared,[1] and by 19 BBY, the Mandalorian soldier Kal Skirata knew of their former place in Mandalorian mythology.[4]

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Hod Ha'ran was first introduced to Star Wars canon in the bounty hunter reference book The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett. Co-authored by Daniel Wallace, Jason Fry, and Ryder Windham, the book will be released October 15, 2013.



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