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This article is about the Thakwaash known as Runt. You may be looking for the kusak.
Hohass "Runt" Ekwesh
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29 ABY, Chashima[1]

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2 meters

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New Republic[2]

"You knew he had a hard head."
Ton Phanan to Wedge Antilles[src]

Hohass Ekwesh, also known as Runt, was a male Thakwaash from the world of Thakwaa, serving the New Republic as a founding member of the starfighter/covert operations unit, Wraith Squadron and fighting in the campaign against Warlord Zsinj.


Wraith SquadronEdit

Because Hohass Ekwesh was considered small for his species,[2] he was nicknamed "Runt". Despite this fact, he was still a physically imposing presence with almost three times the strength of a Human his size and a height still taller than most Humans. He was wingman to, and good friends with fellow pilot Kell Tainer.

He had multiple personalities, often referring to himself in the plural. He proved himself to be an excellent and controlled pilot after Kell Tainer's assistance. After the death of fellow pilot Jesmin Ackbar, Runt was trained to be the Wraiths' new communications specialist.

Post-Zsinj CampaignEdit

Mission to RyvesterEdit

In 13 ABY Runt took part in a Wraith Squadron mission to the planet Ryvester. Their objective was to rescue gem expert Mulus Cheems, assassinate his captor; Imperial Admiral Kosh Teradoc, and destroy Teradoc's research-and-development laboratories, where his people were experimenting with plagues and toxins.

Runt stood guard outside the side-door of a club, inside of which his fellow wraiths were rescuing Cheems and fooling Teradoc into taking disguised explosives in the form of a statuette. When fellow Wraith Kell Tainer emerged from the club under attack, Runt picked his attacker off of him and used his strength to shake him until he went limp. He then threw two Smoke grenades into the club to cover the Wraith's escape.

The mission was a success, the bomb they had given Teradoc exploded, destroying the research facility and killing Teradoc. The Wraiths then escaped the planet with Cheems. During this mission Runt was shown to have retained his position as the squadron's communications expert.[1]

Mission to Mulvar Sensor StationEdit

In 19 ABY Runt, Voort "Piggy" saBinring and Shalla Nelprin took part in a Wraith mission to sabotage the imperial-controlled Mulvar Sensor Station. Piggy went undercover into the station as a cleaner, allowing him to sneak Runt and Shalla inside. They then proceeded to sabotage the station and Runt set up explosives to bring down some of the buildings, but not inflict too many casualties.

The mission was a success, and revealed Runt was now proficient with explosives after being taught by his friend Kell Tainer. Furthermore, Runt showed he had developed his ability to control his various personalities, and was able to refer to them at will when explaining to Piggy why Shalla could be retiring.[1]


Mission to ChashimaEdit

In 29 ABY, near the end of the Yuuzhan Vong War on the world of Chashima, Runt participated in a Wraith Squadron mission to steal a new bioweapon created by the Yuuzhan Vong in order to prevent its use against the Galactic Alliance. He, along with Estoric Sandskimmer, infiltrated a Shaper compound and escaped with the weapon, however they were hotly pursued by Yuuzhan Vong warriors. When Estoric was hit with a Thud Bug, Runt stopped and faced the three warriors, defending himself with a Vibroblade. He and Estoric were charged by two of the warriors, but instead of defending himself, Runt blinded the warrior charging his companion, protecting him. He then took an amphistaff hit to his midsection. Piggy took out two warriors from his sniper position, leaving Runt to kill the last warrior, who had just killed Estoric, with his vibroblade.

During the fight, Runt was bit by an amphistaff, it's venom causing him to rapidly lose function. When Piggy reached him, Runt asked his friend to perform a mercy kill on him, as it was that or face a fate worse than death when other warriors found him. Piggy unhappily obliged, and apologized to Runt, who forgave him as he shot him in the throat.[1]


Runt's sacrifice saved possibly thousands of lives that could have been taken had the Yuuzhan Vong still had this weapon. Piggy would be haunted by Runt's death for years, and would resign from Wraith Squadron and renounce his nickname because he believed that Runt's death was pointless as the war was already as good as over. Eventually Piggy would resolve these issues and become an integral part of the Wraiths again.

Personality and traitsEdit

Hohass WW


Runt, like all Thakwaash, had many different minds.[2] The two most important of these were his social mind, and his pilot mind. His social mind was the mind that he used to talk to people. It was polite and deferential. His pilot mind was an inarticulate mess, a hotshot pilot that constantly disobeyed orders. This was the reason behind him being assigned to the Wraith Squadron. While with the squadron, they, and in particular Tainer, helped him learn to switch more easily between his minds, and restrain the excesses of his pilot mind. Another mind that came to prominence was his student mind, "the one who remembers, and studies for tests", which recalled exactly how to fly down a narrow trench while avoiding turbolaser fire from an orbiting Star Destroyer.

While with Wraith Squadron, his prowess at seeing things from many points of view was put to good use. One exercise that he performed was to read and answer correspondence for Imperial pilots Wraith Squadron had captured. Another was to try to emulate the thinking of Warlord Zsinj; his Zsinj-mind was very erudite, but he was not fond of it, as it "[made] our ego puff up". He served as morale officer for Wraith Squadron.[2]


Runt was physically the mightiest squad member, with the possible exception of Voort "Piggy" saBinring. His strength was first revealed when he lifted a turbolift door effortlessly, twice, with no help from hydraulics. The second time was when he was forced to attack an Imperial unarmed combat specialist who had just defeated Shalla Nelprin and was a moment from killing her. He picked up the warrior and smashed him into a wall hard enough to break his neck. He served as the physical trainer for Wraith Squadron.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Hohass ekwesh

Hohass "Runt" Ekwesh

The illustration of Ekwesh from The New Essential Guide to Characters was adopted as a humorous mascot by the concept artists of Revenge of the Sith, who referred to him as "Horse Pilot." He was often used as an inspiration during all-night design sessions. Alex Jaeger even designed a custom X-wing, basing its design on a horse trailer.[3]

Author Aaron Allston used a fan drawing made by Amy Pronovost to help himself visualize Ekwesh.[4]

By the release of X-Wing: Mercy Kill, Allston had retroactively killed off Runt by revealing in the 29 ABY section that, dying by amphistaff venom, his friend, Piggy, performed a mercy kill on him by shooting him at point-blank range.



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