The Hohokum was an amphibious animal from Naboo.

Hohokums lived mostly in water, although they went to surface to lay their eggs in the mud or the sand. The eggs could be easily eaten by predators when laid on an ecosystem with predators, although most of the natural ecosystems of Hohokums lacked of egg-eaters.

Teenage Gungans caught onto passing hohokums as a hobby to be pulled through the water as a game.

Soon after 32 BBY, the Gungans transported hohokums and other animals to the moon of Ohma-D'un to try and establish an ecosystem. Most of the flora and fauna of Ohma-D'un, however, was destroyed by Separatists during the Battle of Ohma-D'un.

The Great Hohokum was a 400-year-old specimen kept at the Otoh Gunga Zoological Research Facility. Jar Jar Binks was responsible for freeing it, along with all the other creatures in the complex.