"The Rebels have really gone all out for this Wookiee holiday. I got a peek at the rewards and there were some interesting items to be had at the two vendors located in each city. Some of the items I got the chance to see were a Wroshyr Tree House Decoration, a Holo-Entertainment Table, Itchy's Proton Chair, and my personal favorite, a Kowakian monkey lizard house pet"
―Hol't Deb Orah[src]

Hol't Deb Orah was a reporter who worked for the Corellia Times during the Galactic Civil War and was sent by them to report on Life Day. He also attempted to learn from Galactic Emperor Palpatine about his views on the holiday, but he ended up getting his publicist instead, who stated that, although Palpatine wasn't going to acknowledge the efforts of the Rebel Alliance, Palpatine will nonetheless issue an official "Bah, humbug!" for those who are celebrating.


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