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"I can't let her get away with what she did – that wench tried to cut me with her vibroblade!"
―Holdan, talking about Dia[src]

Holdan was a denizen of Taris, a man working for under Zax, a Hutt who worked for Davik Kang and posted bounties. He was also one of Davik's top couriers, he also used to be an intergalactic customs agent which meant he knew all the tricks they would use to catch smugglers. He was attracted to the waitress Dia, who worked at Javyar's Cantina on Taris but when he made his move on the girl, she didn't hesitate to scar him with her vibroblade, which ruined his reputation. Holdan then put a bounty on Dia's head to avenge her insolence and reclaim his reputation.

Before the Sith bombardment of the planet, Revan managed to persuade him into lifting the bounty.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the player chooses the non-canon "dark side" path, they may kill Dia and accept the bounty from Zax the Hutt, effectively eliminating Holdan from the story.



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